The USMLE Step 2 CS course  is called Precision CS.  It is is a four day comprehensive, full immersion training on clinical communication, history taking, physical examination, and precise patient note taking.  It is geared for students looking to learn in a comfortable, intimate setting in a classroom setting versus a lecture hall.  Individual, group work, and live patient encounters are interspersed throughout the course under the guidance of experienced course preceptors for precise feedback and constructive criticism.  Students have full access to the preceptors throughout the course.

The Precision CS course promotes an atmosphere of comfortable learning.  Each course provides small intimate settings for one-to-one teaching opportunities with instructors who are clinical professors in the local medical schools.  These instructors were one of the first class in the US to have taken the USMLE CS when it was first created and has helped develop the CS training courses in the local medical schools.  They are still active teachers in the local medical schools as well as residency programs. Most of our preceptors are also involved in clinical research in both the state and federal levels.  At the same time, each of our instructors are active practicing physicians of their own clinics.  Despite their busy times, they believe in the concept of paying it forward.  So come join us!

There are changes to USMLE Step 2 CS.  In 2012, a new model of clinical encounter was introduced. This is due to the growing recognition by the NBME on the importance of communication, patient and doctor relationships, and patient centered approach. Take advantage of our fantastic residency tutoring services today and enjoy our fantastic city while preparing to pass the most important exams of your career!

Our mission is to provide a personalized, intense learning environment in order to prepare our students for the USMLE step exam whether they are International Medical Graduates (IMG) or US Medical students.

We focus on several areas including:

Success through confidence!

Physician-Patient Communication

Medical English proficiency

History taking

Physical examination

Formulation of Assessment/Plan

Hospital Rounds Presentation.

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